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Integrative Somatic PsychoTherapy for Sexual Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse, and Embodied Sexuality 

it was when i stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself

i found there were no roots more intimate

than those between a mind and body

that have decided to be whole.


-rupi kaur

Fragile Pampas


De Anna C. Dudley-Ross

What if you could be feel more fully alive? Are you having problems enjoying relationships, or finding joy in your life? Does your pain of past trauma get in the way of living a fully embodied life?  Do you have issues with anxiety and depression that get in the way of daily functioning?  My techniques incorporate depth and somatic trauma therapy approaches in discovering the essence of the inner landscape of what it means to be authentically you. Together we can create a safer place to live inside of you, that will change how you experience life, sex and relationships. 

Somatic Psychotherapy
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Focused Trauma Therapy, utilizing depth oriented psychology, somatic therapy, and Movement Practices to address the PTSD symptoms related to Trauma experiences


Focused therapy addressing the psychological and emotional problems that arise out of being subjected to Narcissistic Abuse.


Trauma Informed Nervous System and Body Oriented Sexual Embodiment Practices


Therapist Consultation and Training for Organizations seeking Trauma Informed Practitioners

What is Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy?
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Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy is an intuitive holistic approach that combines  Talk Therapy with body-centered interventions to unlock deeply held body held memories that affect the nervous system. 


These "held" memories can result in Anxiety, Depression,Chronic pain and Illnesses, as well as have a detrimental effect on your sexual experiences. Together we explore the landscape of your nervous system to determine the sensations, beliefs and feelings that may have become coupled or stuck, thus creating a never-ending loop of fight or flight experiences. As we slowly unravel these wired pathways, you will gain confidence in relational and life affirming ways. Opening yourself up to joy and connectedness 

Integrative Somatic Psychotherapy is very effective in working with PTSD, Trauma, childhood emotional wounds, anger, anxiety and depression. 

The approach primarily works with your nervous system, but also may include movement and mindfulness.  I use techniques from Somatic Practices, IFS, Depth Psychology, and Dance/Movement based practices. 

Have questions?  Feel free to contact me at 949.945.0466

© 2018 by De Anna Dudley-Ross, MA, LMFT 

Serving Washington clients via In-Person (Edmonds, WA)/Telehealth and California clients via Telehealth

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