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Types of Sessions

Explore the different types of sessions I provide, learn about what it means to work with a Trauma informed Professional, What is Naricisstic Abuse and Recovery and how to engage in Somatic Sex Education.

Trauma Informed Therapy

I am a Trauma Informed Therapist that works with clients that have been subjected to Sexual Trauma, Emotional and Physical Abuse. Being Trauma informed means that I focus on creating Safety first when working with a client by going slow, allowing for organic healing which means you are never forced to do anything and that personal choice is of upmost importance. Together we will focus on grounding your nervous system and helping you find the way towards choice and liberation. 

Enjoying Sunset

Narcissistic Recovery

Experiencing Narcissistic Abuse can make you feel alone, dis-regulated, angry and fearful.  The manipulation that occurs during this form of abuse makes you question your own reality. Often you are told that you are making things up, that you are being selfish or that you aren't a good person. Dismantling this form of abuse requires a clinician that can help you dissect the messages you have been subjected to and reframe them towards personal empowerment. 

Somatic Sex Education

Part of what I realized in working with Trauma Recovery is that more often than not a person has become disconnected with the vital essence of their sexuality in the process. I provide ways for my clients to reclaim their sexual embodiment, to find ways that allow them to dive deeper into pleasure and experience a vital part of being human. This work involves somatic techniques that waken up your sensory experience with your body and your partners. 

Teen Psychologist


I provide consultation services to existing therapists looking to expand their knowledge in the ares of being a trauma informed sex trauma therapist, as well as consult and provide trainings to organizations that want to have their practioners to be trauma informed, examples include Yoga, Fitness and Movement Studios, Doctors, Nurses and Treatment Centers. 

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