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Utilizing a Somatic Integrative (Depth and Somatic ) approach provides the opportunity to work with the unique individual that you are. I specialize in working with clients who have experienced trauma, narcissistic emotional and physical abuse which results in PTSD, anxiety and depression. Also our traumatic experiences get in the way of having a healthy relationships with our sexuality and intimacy. 

Somatic Therapy involves directing attention to the body, establishing a relationship to the internal processes and triggers held in the nervous system. This is a transformative approach to healing, explores the intricate relationship between our bodies and our minds, offering a powerful gateway to personal growth, emotional resilience, and profound healing. By learning self regulation techniques, fear and anxiety around making life changes can be reduced. Thus, aligning your physical and mental energy into powerful and creative way of being.

Depth Oriented Psychology approaches are psychodynamic in which we explore the facets of your deeply rooted belief systems and unconscious material through dream analysis, guided imagery and self-awareness.

Rate - $175 per 50 minute session
In Person in Edmonds WA or via Telehealth for Wa and CA Clients


Somatic Sexual Embodiment Workshops

$75 / Workshop - 90 minutes - In Person - Edmonds, WA

Somatic Sex Education and Embodiment, combines movement, breath work and relaxation techniques, as a slow and safe, trauma informed way of finding a connection to your sexuality and body. also supports clients in exploring questions of gender identity, sexual orientation, and diverse sexual experiences, fostering an open and inclusive environment for all individuals to seek clarity and self-acceptance.

These workshops are clothed and movement oriented.


I provide individual consultation at $175/hr for licensed clinicians.Focus will be on Somatic Trauma Informed Therapeutic Sessions. 

Training Services are individualized based on the organizations needs.

Online Training Courses coming soon 

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